All Remodeling begins with a Great Design …. an accurate plan, precise and proven systems, stylish fixtures and selections to complete the form and function of your plan, And built by skilled contractors. A Great Design is imperative in achieving exactly what you envision. 

We have In-House Designers working with you to achieve the vision you have for your project.  You have a visual of your project giving you additional comfort that the end result is exactly what you are expecting.


Our Promise


We stand behind our completed work.  In every aspect of engagement with  our client we will maintain the highest level of integrity.

Building a new home or have a vision for a new renovation to your existing home... Quality home construction has been the vital part of our three generation history.   Ranging from Modern, Traditional or French Country design, we have the experience to deliver your dream home.  Each of our homes is unique as we work with our clients to design a home that fits their architectural style and budget. Our attention to detail ensures a quality product that will exceed your expectations.

Remodeling work brings unique distinctive challenges that Ark Construction deals with in a professional manner.  We will always offer safe solutions and through clear communication with our customers, we develop cost-effective solutions to their remodeling and expansion vision.